Hello SteelHeads. We are enjoying a couple weeks at home with our families but we’ll be heading back out on the blues-grass highway soon. We’re excited to see y’all and rock some grass!

We have an important announcement to make regarding Gary. He will be taking a little time off from touring to take care of an unforeseen medical issue. This time away from the band will be difficult for him to endure. He loves our fans and being on stage singing his heart out… but he really needs this time off so that he can have the proper time to mend.

In order to fulfill our commitments we have asked our good friend, Adam Wakefield to step in and cover for Gary for the time being. Many of you may know Adam as a recent contestant on The Voice. He was the runner up on last season’s show. Adam is a gritty singer-songwriter and guitar player with a large soulful voice. We are thrilled that he is able to help us out!

Thanks for being such awesome fans over the years. We look forward to having G-Ray back on the road real soon.

Meet Adam Wakefield who will be filling in for G-ray for a little while.

The SteelDrivers.